WTS: lvl60 Top geared assasin TIAMAT (NA)

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    I am selling my account, school and work are taking me too much time and I dont have time to play. I am the original owner and I never got into trouble with NCsoft! The sin is end game geared...really high PvE and PvP DPS, Tiamat Stronghold weapons are insane, must try and really fun to play with! The assasin: Weapons: -Tiamat dagger +10 (17%+ better stats - att5s - para gs) -Tiamat sword +10 (full stats - att5s - damage gs) -PVP eternal GBG dagger +10 (att5s - para gs) -Miragent sword +10 (att5s - damage gs) -Set of extandibles Trioran/blackheart daggers +10 (att5s silence/para) -Other random weapons... Accessories: -set of 55 eternal PvP accessories -Set of melee Karhun's coins accessories Armors sets: -Elite eternal PvP Commander lvl60e set (all +10 and socketed with new blue composite manastones att5s+melee stats). -Miraget (flight/aether set). -Anuhart (never used it)é -random pieces of gear. Crafts: -499 gathering -499 Aether -499 cook (all expensive recepes) -499 alchemy (all expensive recepes) -399 Tailoring -and others... Random: -A lot of karhun coins. -about 30 mithril medals. -400Kish AP. -150 legion coins. -a lot of random coins/medals. -60mil Kinah (but a lot of mats/stuff saved up). -random pieces of gear/skins. -a lot of manastones. -200 mythic supplements. -a lot of consumables (1000+ of each all pots/ melee scrolls). -white dyes. -special pvp titles tickets -Godstones (4k, 2k, 20%, 10%...) ready to socket on PvE weapons. -A friendlist of the server top players. I have had, and turned down offers of 150/200$ for this account. But I ams till open to offers...please reply if intersted or have any questions or concerns.
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