WTS: LVL55 full Abyss geared Assassin ( 1 2)

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    I have to stop palying because I got a new job :< check it ouuuuuuuut!! LVL 55 full Abyss geared Elyos Assassin Account info: - Collector's Edition - played since beta, preorder stuff available - 18 months of Veteran Rewards (used some already ofc, just in case you'd like to know :>) - EU Server - Race: Elyos Equipment: LVL40 elite Abyss Set - everything plussed to 11 so far - fully socketed with ATK+5 manastones (if you wanna know about PVE equipment I got, PM me. Don't expect much since I never wanted to collect stuff like that, sry ! you can still try hhom, got 160 bbbs ;O) Accessory: - full LVL50 Abyss Accessory, except one ring and the belt are LVL55 Abyss :> - Lakhane's Kerchief (also got some PVE accessories if you like slashing mobbies) Weapons: - +10 Guardian Tribunus's Sword (socketed with 6x ATK+5, Silence GS) - +3 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Sword (socketed with 2x ATK+5, 4x CRIT+17, Silence GS) - +10 Menotios's Dagger (socketed with 4x CRIT+17, Paralize GS) - Flarestorm Dagger (6 slot!), new, not plussed, no gs, socketed with crappy ATK+3 ;> - Triroan's Bow for kiting (not combined yet, socketed with 4x CRIT+17) AP stuff: - 759,900 AP stored on bank, post and veteran stuff - 29 Radiant Token from daily-q to trade for AP items or GS pack ;> - Medals: 39x platin, 5x gold, 21x silver - 148 Greater Divine Life Pots for gank stuffs :> - "Heroic" abyss title (** miragent! ;) Enchantment Stones: - 1x 60 - 1x 61 - 12x 69 - 4x 84 - 2x 85 - 1x 87 Balaur Mats: (boring, but money!) Balaur Blood: cold - 5 hot - 94 boiling - 160 (lowest on broker today: 250k! so 40kk of moneyy, or try miragent ;>) burning - 9 Balaur Heart: normal - 3 hot - 160 burning - 16 Thick... ..scale: 10 ..skin:10 ..horn: Hard... ..scale: 85 ..skin: 80 ..horn: 14 Solid... ..scale: 83 ..skin: 74 ..horn: 49 Firm... ..scale: 12 ..skin: 16 ..horn: 13 Balaur Meat: tough - 30 tender - 137 fresh - 409 lustrous - 40 Style stuff: - 4x white dye (tradeable!) - black dyed daeva style - white dyed anuhart style - various headgears (collected them) - poppy costume on account Twinks: - lvl50 chanter (359 cooking, ext.weapon) - lvl40 sorcerer - lvl30 spiritmaster - 4x lvl10-14 storage twinks (PM for details pls) Sorry for the boring facts ;> If I still missed some info you wanna know, or you'd like some stats or img proof, feel free to contact me in English, German or French. As for money, I only got like 2kk because I kept my crappy items, that's why I listed them so you can see that you can make some money though ;> Even crappy GS sell good nowadays ! Please PM if interested. Make me a nice offer ! (Highest offer right now: 350e, BIN:450e!)
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