WTS lvl50 Valor 85+ Marauder EU-servers

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    I'm looking to sell my marauder which is on a EU PvP server and is currently the second highest valor rank on the server (highest marauder) with a good reputation and will have no problems getting into guilds. As they will be implementing server transfers in the near future you can transfer to any server you like. Body type 3 male Sith pureblood Full 140 rating gear Valor rank: 85 (Conqueror) Over 5.2 million credits Crew skills: 400 Biochem, 400 Bioanalysis, 400 Treasure hunting Rakata stim/medpack/adrenal Over 450 warzone medpacks and over 500 warzone expertise adrenals Both PvP vendor mounts (Longspur Recon and Korrealis Prince) + Gurian Shadow and Praxon Xeno Currently using custom mods to acquire lots of power/surge Stats selfbuffed: 16550 health, 1572 str, 1405 end, 137 wp, 502 exp (Melee bonus damage 426.7, accuracy 91.83%, critical chance 25.68%, critical multiplier 77.29%) (Force bonus damage 751.1, accuracy 101.83, crit chance 32.77%, crit multi 77.29%) in 31/7/3 Annihilation spec. Full Battlemaster Weaponmaster's set + extra BM pieces for different builds and War leader's Main hand Lightsaber + Implants and Ear for tanky build. Full Champion Weaponmaster's set + a lot of extra pieces and unassembled pieces Some pieces of Centurion and Columi + random gear in storage Rakata Weaponmaster's Vest, Gloves (x2), Boots, Bracers, Headgear, The Oath of Ragnos (x2) Many Columi Relics and Battlemaster Relic of Boundless Age (On use + 380 Power) Matrix Cube M7-G0 (str, end, crit) Lots of mods and spare gear in storage for experimenting different builds and crafting material for biochem Has 57 Datacrons (Every Strenght, Endurance and Willpower) and +10 Datacron All 12 matrix shards 20 Titles 1 BM Commendation 295 Centurion Commendations 264 Champion Commendations I am the original and only owner of this account and can provide any information necessary. Subscription until 19. July As they will be implementing server transfers in the near future you can transfer to any server you like. So get this account fast for future patches and ready to acquire new tier of PvP gear. Feel free to ask me any questions I will only accept cash offers and we will use the MM service. Instant selling price is 500 euros, but I will take any offers.
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