WTS lvl50 cleric EU PvE server.

Discussion in 'Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Rift, 10/1/13.

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    So as the title says I got to lvl50 on my Cleric in rift. It has 3 specs active atm (dps and 2 healing), runecratfting at 300, armorsmithing at 290 and mining at 285ish... He has 5-6 epic gear pieces and a few epics to sell in his bags. Already passed t1 experts, and very able to heal t2 content or even raid if you'd like. Epic 110% mount already bought (125p). He's on an EU server, with a good population. The account is also preorder, so it has that boa rune and pets you get from it on all alts that you can make. Also have a lvl18 mage. Oh, ye he has around 50p and the mage has 9p (if I remember). (p as in platinum) What I would like to sell it for is 6 months payed WoW sub (some friends got back to wow so that's why I'm quiting rift *sigh* ) and a possible char transfer. It also has till the end of the month play time. So if you're interested drop me a line.
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