[WTS] lvl30 LoL account for sale

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    Level 30 league of legends account for sale. *605 riot points are already loaded on the account (left over from buying nocturne and some xp boosts). *The ranked stats remain blank so this would be a good account to better your score and what not. *Champions unlocked are rather limited they include nocturne, gangplank, galio, janna, evelynn and kayle, however, as I mentioned there are riot points on there so that you may purchase a skin or new champion *3 rune pages, one is completed for galio (magic resists, mana regen, magic pen)and one is about half way for nocturne (armor, armor pen, and crit damage) *I'm asking for a 10 riot points card for use on my main, which is not at all too high as there is essentially 5 dollars free on the account. Normally I would accept paypal but at the moment I can not. If interested or need anymore info I am best reached on my email cjgates93
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.