WTS Lvl 80 Tempest of Set in US PVE Server

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    PRICE: $350 USD Toon Info: Level 80 Male Tempest of Set on a PVE server Gear = Blue Level 80 (mix of world drop and crafted gemmed) Gold = 200g+ Other items = miscellaneous uncut and flawless gems Mounts = Swift and Armored Horses, Trained in Advanced Riding This account is currently unsubscribed as of August 13 and will need to be re-subscribed. If you want to know about my integrity as a seller my playerup.com username is also mmorpgprovider and I have a ton of positive feedbacks. I am ONLY accepting Western Union to avoid Paypal scammers. PLEASE NOTE: Interested buyers will be sending the Western Union payment to the Philippines as I am here until November 2008 (when I go back home to vote for Barack Obama!) After I receive payment(allow around 3 hours for me to pick it up and get back home) I will send the buyer all relevant account info. YOU MUST have a copy of AOC US version installed in your PC to access the account. Credit goes to Janosakurya for the following info: :: Jano's Ultimate Guide to Western Union :: I. What is Western Union? - A payment method. You pay cash, I receive cash. - It's done offline at a store/bank with a Western Union logo on it. To find one near you go to westernunion , and click find an agent. - It can be done online, but all my customers agree that doing it offline is less troublesome. - It is available in every country, form Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. - Western Union payments are IRREVERSIBLE. That's why you DON'T want to use Western Union to people with anything less than an AMAZING Reputation. Note that people with 10+ Positive Ratings can still end up being a scammer. 2. How is it done? - Prepare cash + 10% Extra as Western Union charge 6-10% of the payment value. - Find an agent near you and go there. - Tell them "Hi I want to send a Western Union payment." - They will give you a form, fill it in with your name/address, and my name/address, and pay them the amount you desire to send. - If asked what for, just be honest and say it is for a purchase of an item, but ASSURE them that you know what you are doing and that you know of the dangers of scams using Western Union. Assure them that the seller (me) has astounding reputation and is extremely reliable. 3. After paying them what happens? - You will receive an MTCN, this stands for "Money Transfer Control Number". It is a 10 digit number that belongs to your money transfer. - Send me the 10 digit MTCN, your first and last name, and your city and country to my e-mail. - I will pick up money 3PM everyday except Sunday because they are not open here on sunday. Any questions/concerns feel free to email me at [email protected] . THANKS!
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