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    Do to sudden unexpected changes in my personal life, I am not going to be able to play Age of Conan any more. I have a level 80 Guardian on a PVP server that is fully equipped in the best possible greens, with one purple, and several nice blues. The character has three sets of gear. +Taunt +HP and +PR for different raiding situations. There is also the basic horse and the mammoth mount on the account. It is a Tier 3 (maxed) gatherer with many tier 1, 2, and 3 rares sitting idly in the inventory waiting for Funcom to release Tier 3 crafting of equipment. The feat and skill trees have been set up and tested for the best possible PVE and PVP combination a Guardian can possibly achieve. If its a PVP character you are looking for, anyone who has played end game pvp will tell you that the Guardian is a power house, both very hard to kill and dishing out enough damage to often one shot most non heavy armor classes, yet still holding its full PVE tanking potential. I am charging $800.00 for the account. No more, No less. As I do not currently have any reputation, I am willing to do whatever necessary to ensure that both parties know exactly who they are dealing with. For both our protection, please only contact me if you meet the following criteria: You MUST be over the age of 18. You MUST be a US Citizen. You MUST have a Verified Paypal account. You MUST have a land line that matches the billing Address on that Verified Paypal account. You MUST have a digital camera and a government issued ID/License along with the know how and willingness to snap a photo as requested by me. You MUST be able to prove that you possess the funds you intend to use to purchase this account. If these things seem unnecessary and extreme to you, then please do not inquire about the account I am selling. I am willing to perform all of the above and anything else creative you may think of to help verify we know exactly who we are dealing with. I work in Law Enforcement, and am very well aware of the risks of fraud when doing transactions such as these. I have no intention of becoming another victim of fraud or a statistic. Email me at [email protected] with your AIM//Xfire, Vent/TS info or even a phone number I can contact you at.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.