WTS: lvl 60 sorcerer lvl 60 gladiator lvl 50 gladiator lvl 51 ranger lvl 34 sm 35 sin

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    WTS lvl 60 sorcerer whith 3/5 archon commander pvp armour lvl 55 pvp accessories ABG tome +10 combined whith attack speed weapon( silence godstone) also a 50 elite set full MB 2 extra tomes from crucible arena 1 crucible arena orb 3 sets of crucible gear for diferent pvp builds also a 40 e set full ma all stigmas around 25k pvp kills anda lot of skins alchemy is lvled aether gathering is maxed 499 also in same account lvl 60 gladiator Commander bakarma spear( extendable) +15 (silence godstone) and combined whith a pvp spear 50 e set exept the pants lvl 55 pvp accessories (ABG) all stigmas awsome gladiator for pvp also in same account lvl 51 ranger 50 elite set dark dragon bow (whith silence godstone+ pvp bow combined) lvl 40 pvp accessories ( was a twink before) also in same account lvl 50 gladiator 40 e set +10 manastone build ;hp/Crit/acc weapons-lannok spear +10 (silence godstone)+pvp spear combined Lannok Greatsword (Blind godstone) ( its a lvl 50 twink glad) also in same account lvl 35 assasin full 30 e +10 2 lvl 30 pvp weapons +10 both whith speed reduction godstones (perfect twink to rift whith) also in same account lvl 34 spirit master full 30e +10 alot of ap iteams keys to open chests in the eye in tiamaranta also mitril medals and platinium medals on the gladiator and the sorcerer´s inventory going to stop playng so wana sell it price can be discussed here is my e-mail [email protected] send me a e-mail or messege me here on the website
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