WTS: Lvl 60 Devoted Cleric + Twinks Guardian of neverwinter pack

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    Hi I would like to offer you an excellent account with Lvl 60 Devoted Cleric

    Account with Guardian of neverwinter pack Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Free-to-Play MMO. Sign up for access! (60$ Each character receives mount for 30$ and companion for 15$ + another stuff)

    Adventure helper pack not use

    Respec token available

    +200 zen. Crystall gone on 24slot bag

    Lvl 60 Devoted Cleric Half Elf (beholder) pump only on quests dungeons and pvp, never not did bugged quests or kill ogres in foundry

    9200GS, 23 gold, 10 lvl Leadership

    + Twinks

    Rogue 29 lvl Orc male, leadership 6lvl 3200glory (dragon)

    GWF 23 lvl Human male, leadership 6lvl 600glory (beholder)

    c/o 120$ b/o 150$

    IF INTERESTED, CONTACT ME [email protected] ( Polarfox00)
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