Sold WTS LvL 60 Chanter Asmodian EU With Amazing...

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    WTS LvL 60 Chanter Asmodian EU With Amazing gear&Alot of Alts 50+ Hello want to sell Account on Aion EU asmo Chanter lvl 60.So let me start by saying this chanter has alot of sets so i will be Writing every gear of every set+ screenshots.So here we go. Chanter LVL 60: PVP LVL 60 Augment 2 Abyss set: Kahrun's Haubrek Kahrun's Spaulders Kahrun's Chausses Kahrun's Handguards Kahrun's Brogans Kahrun's Corundum Ring x2 Kahrun's Corundum Earring x2 Kahrun's Corundum Necklace Kahrun's Leather Belt Sunakaya's Hairpin Other Items that the Chanter has Medals/Insignias Ect: Has Tiamat Sword Eternal lvl 60 in wharehouse Has lvl 60 Extendable Eternal Tiamat sword in wharehouse soon able to sell worth bilions. 141.112 Crucible Insignias 14.888 Courage Insignias 274 Mithril Medals Godstones: 2x dmg 3760 fire 3x 1880 dmg water 2x 376 dmg earth 1x 188 dmg wind 3x stun 6% 2x para 2% Chanter has Every single wings there is except npc ones,Has Wings of the Fifth Dragon lord ,30/40 Veteran Rewards. Has All Stigmas Support and offensive.Master Alchemy Craft.Account has Other characters Aswell. LVL 50 Templar:full lvl 40 Elite set abyss set LVL 50 Sorcerrer:Full elite lvl 40 abyss set with almoast full lvl 50 abyss accesories LVL 55 Cleric: Full arena lvl 55 condition 2 set LVL 56 Gladiator:lvl 50 elite abyss spear Only selling this account no trading.Add me on skype for more info on AP yes has alot of ap but cannot say how much here.Accepting Paypal as payment.Paypal gift that is. Server: Splatos Eu Skype: dannyteabagyourmom or pm me will not take no less then 300 euro.
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