WTS: lvl 55 Assassin (Geared) + lvl 55 Cleric + lvl 55 Ranger + alt lvl 32 Glad ( 1 2)

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    Assassin: ====== Full Miragent gear set with lvl 50 pvp accessories except for 1 pve ring which is gold also. Gear fully socketed with +5 Attack Mana stones. Weapon is 1h Miragent's sword + lvl 50 pvp dagger (Blue). Cleric: ==== Full lvl 50+ Gold pve gear except for the head gear and 1 ring (both blue). Have 1 lvl 50 pvp ring and one lvl 40 Elite armor piece. Ranger: ===== Armor is full pve golds. As for the accessories, all blues except for the necklace, one ring and one earring which are golds. *This toon comes with more than enough AP for the Abyss Guardian Deity General transformation skill, was saving all those Ap to buy the 50 non Elite bow but I still didn't use the Ap and been still accumulating points. So you will have more than enough Ap to buy the bow. *Crafts: 480p Artisan Handicraft, 405p Expert Alchemy, 449p Expert Cooking, 456p Artisan Weapon smith, 405p Expert Gathering, 285p Armorsmith and 175p Essencetapping Crafting recipes (Nice ones): 4k Perer Aether Jelly, lvl 35 attack speed Polearm, lvl 40 Attack Speed 1h sword, lvl 50 Balic bows, lvl 50 balic Greatsword, Mace, Dagger The Account has one Enemy Alert pet (Pesky Manduri) which can be applied all toons. Plus the veteran reward Griffo pet. Have 4 pieces of the lvl 30 Daeva Set (working on the 5th piece). ^^ The Warehouse has alot of Silver Medals, around 65 Gold Medals, 57 Boiling balaur blood stains (needed for Miragent Pants quest) and many other Balic mats. Also some lvl 75 and 65+ Enchantment stones and a lot of Green and White Mana stones. Also have 1 Blind God Stone in warehouse Total amount of Kinah atm I'm having is only around 80 mil. Still have some unused Major Acient Crowns (9600 AP item) and other veteran rewards such as Emotes, Self resurrecting Stones, Moratis Secret Remedy (5k MP+HP healing pot) etc ... *These 3 toons are all Elyos and are on the same server and account.* So if you are interested, pls post an offer on this thread so that every one can see. I haven't decided on a buy-out price yet, if i get a good reasonable offer here on this thread, i'll accept. Note: For the transaction i prefer WU only. Having a MM service is fine.
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