WTS: Lvl 55 Assassin EU - Heavily geared

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    My main is an Assassin lvl 55 with the following equipment: Weapons: +10 Archon Brigade General Dagger with Silence Godstone +10 Archon Brigade General Dagger with Blind Godstone +1 Noble Coliseum Champion's Flatbow merged with Archon Tribunus's Longbow with Movementspeed Reduction Godstone. Equipment: +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Jerkin +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Breeches +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Shoulderguards +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Vambrace +10 Elite Guardian Tribunu's Boots Accessories: Noble Coliseum Champion's Bandana Archon Tribunus's Ruby Necklace Archon Tribunus's Ruby Earrings Archon Tribunus's Ruby Earrings Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General's Leather Belt (Is also in possession of the leather Fenris set with a Paralyze godstone on the weapon and has some additional PVE accessories). Stigma: Has many regular stigmas aswell as the highest lvl Abyss stigmas for the Quickening Doom tree. Craft: Cooking 450/499 with many good recipes - Alchemy 399 with many good recipes. Essencetapping: 399 Aethertapping: 399 Morph: Has all possible recipes. Emotes: Has many awesome emotes. Inventory cube: 108 slots. Warehouse cube: 88 slots. Motioncards: Levitation and Ninja. Additional char info: This character is packed with nice items to sell and has 2 additional pets for more storage aswell. The elite set is remodeled with the Archon Brigade General skins and it has more good looking things inside, with alot of value! Alternative character, Gladiator lvl 49: Weapons: +10 Expert Noble Adamanium Polearm merged with Elite Squad Leader's Polearm with 1% General godstone. +10 Alukina's Spear merged with Reaper's Spear. Equipment: +5 Expert Adamantium Breastplate +10 Elite Archon Squad leader's Greaves +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Shoulderplates +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Gauntlets +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Sabatons Accessories: Brave Man's Helm Impish Topaz Necklace Impish Topaz Earrings Impish Topaz Earrings Impish Topaz Ring Impish Topaz Ring Impish Topaz Leather Belt Motioncards: Levitation. Additional info: It's a very fun PvP character with also many other nice items, has it's PvP set remodeled with an Unique event skin. ------------------------------------------ My account has been active since the first day of Aion, having received all of the Veteran Rewards and many surveys. I also have another Gladiator lvl 10 on a different server, he has all 27 veteran months stocked and has various enchantment stones from lvl 80 upto lvl 90. If you have any further questions regarding the characters or have a good price in mind please feel free to contact me, thanks!
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