WTS lvl 50 Spirit Master-Azphel Elyos --Truely DECKED OUT - SOLD

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    Selling Lvl 50 Spirit Master on Azphel Elyos -Collectors Edition Account -Original Owner of the account -Account active until Dec 29th, 2009 -Hand leveled 100% (top 10 to hit lvl 50 on Azphel elyos) -Never Bought Gold -100% Legit -Full Gold gear (ALL lvl 50 cept 1 item) -+5 Miragent's Tome with a 1% proc 1880 fire dmg godstone socketed -Full Miragent gear including weapon -Full PVP lvl 50 Jewelery +16% increased PVP DMG(cept 1 lvl 30 pvp earring) -All Advanced stigmas unlocked, also have every single useful stigma for spirit masters -Cute sexy character! -Character Managemmed and built especially to dominate in PvP (never lost a dredgion with my premade) -Respected Reputation on the server (Ganking uncountable asmodian players in the abyss, dominating every dredgion premade) -101 Golden Medals + 90 Silver Medals -100K Abyss Point worth of fort chamber relics to turn in instantly (seals and icons in teminon fortress npcs, goblets and crowns in the core npcs) -One Paralyze Godstone in the bank -22000 Stigma Shards that will last u a lifetime -Over 1000 of Major Elemental Stone (worth 3k each on auction house, used for many high level important pvp oriented consumables) -Gold and Blue Premium fluxes -707 Blue balaur Scale (used for entering dark poeta) -Hundreds of level 50 Balauric materials -60 Major Abyss HP Potions (200 AP for each) -Thousands of High Level Consumables (food/drinks for all situations pvp/pve/grinding) -Thousands of Potions and Scrolls that will last u thru a whole week of none interrupted pvp -hundreds of lvl 50 managems of all sorts -2 Million Kinah to spend -All Campaigns Completed -Access to secret waterfall passage to gain easy access to invisible bridges that leads to world boss Watcher Zapiel in Heiron -Near 1000 hours of work put into this character May have missed some of the goodies that this character has. Looking for around $700 USD for this account. Seriously looking forward to selling this account. You wont find another spirit master this geared! Accept Paypal only. Post here first then contact me thru: PMs on . : [email protected] Also Contact me if u want a album of very informative in-game screenshots (inventory, bank, profile pages, character model, stigmas, quest completion logs)
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