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    Hi, Im looking to sell my Lvl 50 Asmodian Sorc on Zikel Server. A truely great Char I built up, No bots or RMT. It is a Collector's Edition and has Veteran Rewards to use special ingame items for existing and new character you build. Here are some great details about my Sorc: 3/5 Fenril's Set - got unlucky and didnt crit the heart for the 4th piece ;( but i have everything needed except missing a few more blood stains to try for the 4th peice again. Every Major Stigma in the Game, as well as all 8 Stigma Slots unlocked, Using the Sleeping Storm Adv Stigma Line. 449/449 Expert Alchemist! Get to make every major Potion and scroll as well as Tomes and Orbs in the game. My MoneyMaker for the game. Also it nice u dont have to buy and can make your own,Much Needed For any PvP and PvE Scenerio. 399/399 Fine Expert Vitality Gathering. Another great moneymaker and at no cost to you to get your recipe items, it saves u alot of money. Also having is gather at 399 lets you gather the Fine Nexus Ore in Dark Poeta! 354/399 Fine Expert Aether Gathering. Being as u dont need much aether in alot of your recipes this is a Huge MoneyMaker as well. My Sorc is Rank 2 (140k AP) almost Rank 1 just another 10k. Already Has a Lvl 50 Abyss Ring. Has 3 Expensive Godstones 1 1880 Fire Damage 1%, 1 1880 Earth Damage 1%, and 1 Silence for 5 sec 8%. the 1880 are worth about 10 mil but you will want to keep those once your get your Fenril Weapon or Better. the Silence Godstone goes for about 15mil+ I have Max Warehouse And Max Inventory Cubes. Lvl 43 Betoni Jewel Gold Item has +2 Enchantment Lvl 50 Wings. Lvl 50 Anuhart Sorcerer's gloves gold. most of my accessories are from Dark Poeta. All Campaign Quests Completed. My warehouse and inventory are filled with Mats, godstones,gold and silver medals, PvP food and DP food, Scrolls and potions. Manastones, Balaur Items, Life Crystals, just tons and tons of stuff alot of highly expensive items. I have 32 Million Kinah in the Bank. If you Enjoy PvP then this is the Character for you! very fun to play and Always needed. Ill be glad to supply Screenshots and Aion Armory if interested or ingame as well. Thanks!PM offers, looking for around 500
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