WTS: Lvl 50 Shadow Battlemaster (rank 63) 566 exp, dps gear and tank gear (swiftsure)

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    Looking to sell my level 50 Shadow, valor rank 63 on The Swiftsure server. The character has both the battlemaster tanking and dps double bladed sabers, BM implants/ear, BM bracers, champion head, chest, belt, l, centurion boots. In pvp gear/spec I sit at 15.8k health, 566 expertise, 1,446 willpower, 31% crit, 77% surge (can be stacked higher, I changed mods so I would hit diminishing returns with surge adrenal), 734-918 melee dmg. When I pop my surge adrenal and force potency, I can 3-4 shot people in 400+ expertise. For tank gear it is a hodge podge of pve/pvp epics (except 2 blue implants). Tank geared/specc'd I can go over 20k health with my rakata fortitude stim, some 27% defense chance, 28/9% shield chance with 35%+ absorption (consider the screenshot in tank gear is in DPS SPEC). The character has just over 578k in credits, 2 full storage bays with mostly resources for either bio or synth. Currently 400 bio chem/ bioanalysis with like 10 in diplomacy. Already have rakata medpac, willpower stim, fortitude stim, and crit adrenal. Before doing business with anyone I have to see your feedback, I may not have much but I am TW verified so it is quite easy to hunt me down. I am looking to sell this within the next day or two. I'm looking to get around $400 out of it and will update when I receive offers. AIM: meshootblaze13 PvP gear/dps spec Tank gear but IN DPS SPEC***
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.