WTS Lvl 50 Elyos Assassin, Fully Geared with alot of money and Godstone!

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    Elyos Assassin lv 50 in NA server: -Full lvl 50 AP Accessories and Sword -AP sword lv 50 +2 with Silence Godstone and attack stones +5 -Full Miragent (Armor all +1 with all attack stone +5) Miragent Sword+2 w/ Paralyze Godstone and attack Stone +5. -1 Piece of elite lv 50 AP boots. -Current Ap is 263k - AP items worth about 250k AP in the warehouse -About 40Million kinah in Warehouse. -Godstone in warehouse : 1x Paralyze, 1x 2% 940dmg, 1x 1880dmg, 1x Immobilize godstone. -Officer Quest completion w/ any Godstone of ur choice.(quest done, but have not chosen the reward yet). - All stigma is provided. - over 200 AP hp pots and 90 Flight serums - Full Dragon Flame set - 147x Golden Medals & about 20x silver medals - Weaponsmith 449, Alchemy 399. - Many items in the warehouse - 7 Months Game time - Name Change ticket is provided - Server Of your Choice - Free server transfer Only accepting US$, please make an offer, willing to bargain. Need more details? PM me! >>>Current offer : $500
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