WTS lvl 50 Cleric, Rogue and about 4800p (defiant) Digital CE game

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    i have a account that has a lvl 50 cleric relic staff relic shield relic hammer full t3 tank/dps gear ( HK tank helm, full t3 tank gear, 200 toughness in main tank gear 220 toughness in first boss of HK tank gear) pvp rank 7 ( full rank 6/7 pvp gear) 110% ghost horse full roles unlocked, full wardrobe, full bank with 20 slot bags full or rune crafting mats, blue artifacts and gear, all bags on toon are crafted 22s max rep with everything but unseen, port scion and runeguard ( they opened up last tier of this tank with 1.4) cleric has a full death tank core, full earth tank core, 2 lesser life core, full crit core, and crit + 2 heal greaters core. and around 250-300 inscribed stones. 50k planarite, with all planarite skills 300 butcher/ 300 runecrafter ( only missing 2 design drop drops, and valor rune)/ 300 outfitter lvl 50 rogue full t3 geared ( minus trinket, 0 trinkets) full crafted set for rogues best augment on all parts. all bags on him are 22 slots, water event mount 110% all roles unlocked 1 core with 5 lesser crits 1 lesser attack power 280/290 miner/300 artificer/300 gathering ( i can get exact number on mining later when i log in game if anyone wants it) and across the account i have around 4800p i will be putting this account up for auction with in the next week or so. digital CE game. any questions feel free to ask. i can also take screen shots for people that request them. ---------- Post added 09-11-2011 at 08:42 PM ---------- this account is on a US server.
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