WTS lvl 50 Asmo Sorc on Kahrun with great gear and crafts (more inside)

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    Im selling a lvl 50 Asmo sorc on the Kahrun server. Best pvp/pve toon on the server,has high reputation too, always invited into raids and more.Mass damage dealer. Sorc has realy great gear. (Picture at the bottom,note don t be fooled by the green "jacket" thats a great pvp armour) Stigmas: full dmg stigmas te bests, Advanced sitgmas 3/3 dmg stigmas. Gold + blue armours, and jewelery( fenris armor 3/5 ) abys shoe. Full magic bosst manastones. Ap around 20k. Potions, items, materials, more items that are around 20-30mill. Godstone in Betoni weapon, 1880dmg. Warehouse: materials for high lvl items + 1 godstone 1880 dmg. Alchemy Expert master 449. !! Cooking 399. !! Account is active till 2010.01.20. , has 3 months vet reward. Also other toons : lvl 25 SM, 23 assasin, 13 chanter Price is only : 400$ Pm me if interested or with offer. If you see my ratings you can see that Im a honest seller.
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