WTS lvl 50 Asmo Ranger on Kahrun,great gear,with game time.(more inside)

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    Account is pre-order and active till 2010.02.18 Got 4 month wet reward so 2more month for the best wing in game. lvl 50 Ranger (Asmodian/Kahrun.EN) Has 1,5 mill kinah and other items that are 4-5mill if you sell them. Got a Godstone 1880/1% Got a lvl 45 Stigma too just need some lower stigmas for it. Items are all gold/blue as you can see lower on the picture with the best bow. In Wh there are also lvl 25 blue "sets" for a lower assasin toon : Worthy noble tick ... items and 2 worthy noble titanium sword. Lot of other items in wh and in cube. Lot of abyss points. Its a killer machine in pvp and in pve ! Account also has other toons : lvl 30 Cleric (Asmodian/Kahrun.EN) got 1 mill kinah and a nother 1 mill in items. lvl 17 Assassin (Asmodian/Kahun.EN) got 500.000 kinah worth items got the lvl23 full blue armour sett and for lvl25 strongest swords(they are not binded to him yet). These are arround 4-5mill. Got him 1-2 Stigma too what he needs for end game. lvl 16 Spiritmaster (Asmodian/Spatalos.EN) lvl 19 Sorcerer (Elyos/Deltras.FR) lvl 18 Gladiator (Asmodian/Kahrun.EN) All toons have a lot of lodos amulet All the kinah on the toons are arround 3-3,5 mill and got arround 9-10mill worth items to sell if needed. Account price is : 450$ Pm me if intersted or with offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.