WTS: Lvl 30 NA Account, most champs, Plat S2, 60+ skins, 7 Rune pages

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    Hey, I'm looking to sell this account, the reason being that, since I am getting older and about to get into university, I find that i don't have much time to play on it. By selling this account, I will have some fundings for my education. At the end of the thread you can see where you can contact me. Good standings, Never banned. SKINS Have atleast 1-2skins per champ that i own, I own ALL TF skins + Pax, and Striker Akali RUNES Marks x9 armor pen x9 flat dmg x9 crit chance x9 crit dmg x9 magic pen Seals x9 flat ap x9 flat armor x9 flat dmg x9 atkspd x9 crit chance x9 fat mr x9 dmg per level x9 mr per level Glyphs x9 flat dmg x9 atkspd x9 cd reduction x9 crit chance x9 magic pen x9 flat mr x9 ap per level Quints x3 flat ap x3 armor pen x3 flat dmg x3 atkspd x3 crit dmg x3 gp10's x3 magic pen x3 move speed Contact Info :vietninja email: [email protected] OR PM here Looking for 400-450 CAD
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