WTS: Lvl 30 NA Account | 62 Champs + 29 Skins | 9 Runes Pages | Silver Division II

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    Hello guys, I'm here to sell my lvl 30 NA Account ! The reason why i'm selling my account : I'm leaving LoL. Account Information : Skin : -Foxfire Ahri -Blood Moon Akali -Arctic Warfare Caitlyn -Hot Rod Corki -Toxic Dr.Mundo (Legacy) -Frosted Ezreal -DreadKnight Garen -Mafia Graves -Temple Jax -Phantom Karthus (Legacy) -Grim Reaper Karthus -Arctic Ops Kennen -Muay Thaï Lee Sin -Vizier Malzahar (Legacy) -Shadow Prince Malzahar -Mafia Miss Fortune -Leopard Nidalee (Legacy) -Frozen Terror Nocturne -Rune Wars Renekton -Earthrune Skarner -Emerald Taric (Legacy) -Badger Teemo (Legacy) -Underworld Twisted Fate (Halloween Skin) -Arclight Varus -Heartseeker Vayne -Tundra Hunter Warwick -Scorched Earth Xerath -Viscero Xin Zhao -Time Machine Zilean (Legacy) If you guys want more information , contact me on : : ifreakoutz or Inbox me Here ! Money Only VIA Paypal + Sharescreen On ! Thanks Guys :]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.