[WTS] LVL 30 NA ~1400 elo, 92 champs, 88 skins, RUNES GALORE

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    I have all champs except for Nautilus Skins i have: Alistar: Longhorn Alistar Amumu: Pharaoh amumu Anivia: Noxus Hunter Anivia Annie: Annie in Wonderland, Reverse Annie Ashe: Frejold Ashe, Woad Ashe, Queen Ashe Blitz: Goalie Blitz, BooM BooM blitz brand: vandal Brand Cho: Gentleman Chogath Corki: Red baron Corki Mundo: Mr. Mundoverse, Corporate Mundo Ezreal: frosted ez Fiddles: Bandito Fiddles, Surprise Party Fiddles Fizz: Tundra Fizz Galio: Enchanted,Hextech Gangplank: toy soldier gangplank Garen: Sanguine Garen gragas: hillbilly gragas heimer: blast zone heimer, snowmerdinger irelia: aviator irelia Janna: Tempest Janna Jax: Temple Jax Katarina: Mercanary katarina Kayle: Judgement Kayle kennen: swamp master kennen, karate kennen Leblanc: Prestigious leblanc, mistletoe leblanc Leona: valkyrie Leona malphite: shamrock malphite malzahar: shadowprince malz, overlord malz maokai: festive maokai master yi: ionia master yi miss fortune: cowgirl mf morde: pentakill morde morgana: sinful succullence morgana nidalee: leopard, frech maid nocturne: void nocturne nunu: grungy nunu olaf: glacial olaf orianna: sewn chaos orianna poppy: blacksmith poppy rammus: molten rammus renekton: galatic renekton riven: redeemed riven rumble: rumble in the jungle sejuani: sabertusk sejuani shaco: royal shaco shen: blood moon shen shyvana: ironscale shyvana singed: mad chemist singed sion: warmonger sion skarner: sandscourge skarner sona: muse sona swain: northern front swain talon: renegade talon, crimson elite talon taric: armor of the fifth age taric (pink) teemo: recon teemo, super teemo trist: firefighter tristana trundle: lil' slugger trundle tryndamere: viking tryn, king tryn twisted fate: musketeer twisted fate, jack of hearts twitch: kingpin twitch udyr: primal, blackbelt vayne: dragonslayer vayne veigar: white mage, greybeard, leperchaun warwick: big bad warwick xerath: runeborn, battlecast xin zhao:imperial yorick: undertaker zilean: shuremia desert zilean RUNES Marks 1.7 attack speed redsx9 1.7 armpen redsx9 1.0 armpen .57 magicpen redsx9 0.91 armor redsx9 0.95 physical damage redsx9 0.97 magic resist reds x9 .95 magic pen reds x9 Seals 0.76 attack speed yellows x9 1.2 mana regen at lvl 18 yellows x9 21 mana at level 18 yellows x9 .42 critchance yellows x9 0.59 ability power yellows x9 .41 mana regen/5 yellows x9 1.4 armor yellows x9 19 hp at 18 yellows x9 .74 magic resist yellows x9 1.8 ability power at 18 yellows x9 Glyphs .64 attackspeed blues x9 .96 cooldown at 18 x9 .65 cooldown x9 .99 ability power x9 2.7 magic resist at lvl 18 x9 1.5 magic resist x9 3.06 ability power at 18 x9 quints 1.5 movespeed x3 3.4 attack speed x3 3.3 armpen x3 26 hp x3 5.0 ability power x3 2.3 physical damage x3 currently have 100~ riot points and 300~ ip post your offer on the forum and we can work from there. I'm selling because i need money for rent and i am hoping we can work out a deal quickly and possibly over paypal also can post pictures if neccessary
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