[WTS] Lvl 30 LOL NA account with most champions, many skins

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    Level 30 NA account with 700+ wins (positive W/L ratio) All champions except 7 6300 IP champions. Many rune sets including (magic pen, armor pen, dodge, HP quints etc etc) Many skins (Some of which are Red Card Kat, Bandito Fiddle, Minuteman Gangplank, Perceus Pantheon, Little knight Amumu, Woad Ashe, Cowboy Cassiopeia, Hot Rod Corki, Masquarade Eve, Nottingham Ezreal, Aviator Irelia, Tempest Janna, Commando Jarvan, Jaximus, Fishing Pole Jax, Silver Kayle, Spelltheif Lux, Assassin Master Yi, Samurai Master Yi, Sewn Chaos Orianna, Northern Front Swain, Tango Twisted fate, White mage Veigar, Feral Warwick, Undertaker Yorrick, and others that I cannot remember) Perfect account for Season Two. Looking for $75 OBO PST here or aim at : silvanna784
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.