WTS: Lvl 30 LoL NA Account, Silver 2, 76 champions, 15 skins, 1k RP, 4.6K IP

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    Hi guys, I'm new here obviously, I'm giving up gaming due to other commitments in life and figured somebody might want to purchase my account and enjoy the game as much as I have over the years. The details : Level 30 Silver 2 1k RP 4.6K IP 76 champions 15 skins 7 rune pages Loads of runes, don't think you would have to buy any I can play any role with the runes i have. 1300+ Normal wins No warnings, no bans. Last time i played I had a great leader banner, before that i had a teamwork banner. Champions owned : ahri akali alistar - Golden alistar, blue alistar amumu - Little knight amumu, almost prom king amumu, emumu annie ashe blitzcrank - boom boom blitzcrank caitlyn - resistance caitlyn cassiopeia cho'gath corki darius diana dr mundo draven evelynn ezreal fiddlesticks fiora fizz galio gankplank garen gragas graves janna jarvan IV jax katarina kayle lee sin leona - valkryrie leona lulu lux malphite maokai master - yi assassin master yi miss fortune morgana nasus nidalee nocturne - frozen terror nocturne nunu olaf oriana pantheon poppy quinn rammus riven rumble ryze shaco - mad hatter shaco, royal shaco shen - surgeon shen shyvana singed sivir sona soraka talon taric - armor of the fifth age taric ( Pink, LIKE A BOSS ) teemo thresh tristana tryndamere twisted fate - Jack of hearts twisted fate udyr urgot vayne veigar vladimir volibear warwick xin zhao yorick zyra Screenshots : i.imgur/fQxYvkK.jpg i.imgur/a93xkCO.jpg i.imgur/JMHJenf.jpg i.imgur/NS8X7a4.jpg i.imgur/hoEIDHe.jpg /teamspeak available. $150 ono. - - - Updated - - - Offers for quick sale.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.