[WTS] lvl 30 LoL Account. (NA) 51 Champs. Looking for Betas or WoW Accounts.

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    Level 30 League of Legends Account. (NA) - North America Account. Never been Banned/Traded Etc. I Have a positive Rep on spamsite.NET and wanted to try selling over here. Season 2 Ranks: Arranged 3v3 1235 Solo/Duo Que 5v5 1120 Arranged Team 5v5 1227 Xin Xerath Wukong- Volcanic Wukong Warwick Veigar Udyr Twitch Twisted Fate Trynd - LEGENDARY - DemonBlade Trynd Trist Teemo - LEGENDARY - Astronaut Teemo Swaim Soraka Sivir Sion Singed Shaco Ryze Rumble Riven - Redeemed Riven Poppy Pantheon Nunu Nidalee Nasus Morgana Mordekaiser - Lord Mordekaiser Master Yi Malphite Lux Lee Sin - Acolyte Lee Sin LeBlanc Kennen Kayle Kassadin Jax Graves - Hire Gun Graves Gragas Garen - Sanguine Garen Gangplank - Spooky GankPlank Fiddle Eve Corki Cho' Blitz Ashe Annie Anivia Amumu Alistar _ Golden Alistar Akali Runes are as follows Marks +.95 Physical Damage x9 +.95 Magic Pen x9 Seals +1.4 Armor x9 +.59Ability Power Glyphs +.99 Ability Power x9 +2.7 Magic Resist at level 18 x9 Quintessences +2.25 Attack Damage x3 +1.89 Magic Penetration x3 Rp 45 Ip 63 If you have any questions please contact me via Skype - Diskobiskut Aim - Dreadstar24 If you have we can also get on there and I can video chat with you to show you any of the specifics live. Looking for any of the following trades: Dota2 Beta Cs:Go Beta Diablo 3 Beta Firefall Beta Guildwars 2 Beta or Will accept a trade of a WoW account soley based on the amount of Vanity it has. Otherwise I will accept 60 USD for the account with PayPal Verified. Thank you and happy hunting!!! -Dread ---------- Post added 03-21-2012 at 11:04 AM ---------- Bump
Thread Status:
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