[WTS] lvl 30 LoL account 25 champs only 30$

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    as title says this account includes the following CHAMPS Akali Amumu Annie Ashe Dr.Mundo Evelynn Janna Jax Kayle - Judgement Kayle LeBlanc Lux Master Yi Nasus Nidalee Nunu Pantheon Poppy Ryze Sion - Warmonger Sion Sivir Soraka Tristana - Buccaneer Tristana Tryndamere Twisted Fate Veigar Runes:Amount (red)(Tier 1)Arpen - x1 (red)(Tier 1)Mpen - x1 (red)(Tier 2)Arpen - x8 (red)(Tier 2)Mpen - x9 (yellow)(Tier 1)Manaregen/5 -x5 (yellow)(Tier 1) HpPerLvl - x4 (yellow)(Tier 2)Manaregen/5 -x1 (blue)(Tier 1)CDR - x8 (blue)(Tier 2)CDR - x1 (quints)(Tier 2)Health - x3 (quints)(Tier 2)Mpen - x3 (quints)(Tier 2) HpRegen/5/lvl - x1 Unranked, 0 games played this Season (Previous Season 1246, Top Rating 1463) currently has 310RP and 1650IP If interested contact me on aim (its in sig or linked under avatar)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.