[WTS] lvl 30 EU west 59 champs/18 skins

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    champions: akali, alistar, amumu, annie, ashe, caitlyn, cho'gath, corki, dr. mundo, evelynn, ezreal, fiddlesticks, gangplank, garen, heimerdinger, irelia, janna, jarvan, jax, kassadin, katarina, kayle, kennen, lee sin, lux, malphite, malzahar, master yi, mordekaiser, morgana, nasus, nidalee, nocturne, nunu, olaf, pantheon, poppy, rammus, renekton, rumble, ryze, shaco, shen, singed, sion, sivir, soraka, teemo, tristana, tryndamere, twisted fate, twitch, udyr, urgot, vayne, veigar, warwick, xin zhao, zilean skins : woad ashe, sheriff caitlyn, striker ezreal, frosted ezreal, jaximus, silver kayle, judgment kayle, infernal mordekaiser, pharaoh nasus, riot k-9 nasus, chrome rammus, lumberjack sion, badger teemo, astronaut teemo (legendary), riot girl tristana, vandal twitch, dragonslayer vayne, viscero xin zhao runes: marks - 0.95 magic pen. x9, 0.93% crit chance x9, 0.95 physical dmg x9, 1.7 armor pen x9 || seals - 1.2/5 mana regen x9, 0.42% crit chance x9, 1.4 armor x9 || glyphs - 0.28% crit chance x9, 2.7 magic resist at level 18 x9 || quintessences - 3.3 armor pen x3, 26 health x3, 1.9% crit chance x3, 5.0 ability power x3, -5.00% time dead You can find me on xfire - kubas35 if you want more info, we can discuss the price
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.