[WTS] Lvl 30 account with RP. EUW server

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    Hi i'm selling my league of legends account. It's lvl 30, with 450RP, a lot of IP, runes, and champions, and a few skins too. (for detailed infos check below) I've already sold my DIII beta account, so i'm a safe-user and a totally honest one. I'll give you everything you need to "stay safe" SELLING PRICE 15 EURO via paypal (you wont find a lvl 30 account at less) here's the screen-proof, with list of runes: Code: img15.imageshack.us/img15/4945/lol1rzI've recently reached lvl 30 so the account stats are pretty basic list of champions owned and relatives skins: Alistar: unchained ali Ashe Blitzcrank Brand Caitlyn Fiddlesticks Garen Graves Irelia Janna Jax Karthus : pentakill karthus Kayle Kog'Maw LeBlanc Lee Sin Master Yi Nasus Pantheon Rammus : molten core Ryze Sion Sona Swain Teemo Tristana : riot girl tristana Tryndamere : demon blade Twitch Udyr Veigar Warwick Xin Zhao Zilean
Thread Status:
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