WTS: LVL 30 Account. Legendary skin included!

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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    Just got bored with LoL, selling my account from S1. Includes about 70 champions, tons of runes and the following skins. Misteltoe Leblanc *LIMITED EDITION* Eternum Nocturne *LEGENDARY SKIN* Freljord Ashe Safari Caitlyn Arctic Warefare Caitlyn *LIMITED EDITION* Officer Caitlyn Explorer Ezreal Bilgewater Katarina Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Hextech Janna Wicked Leblanc Prestigious Leblanc Valkyrie Leona Iron Solari Leona Dragon Trainer Lulu Spell Thief Lux Commando Lux Leopard Nidalee French Maid Nidalee Koi Nami Waterloo Miss Fortune Sinful Succulence Morgana Battle Bunny Riven Northern Front Swain Guqin Sona Neon Strike Vi *ALL* Trundle Skins Vandal Vladimir Taking offers now! - - - Updated - - - bump, need to sell this by end of month. Any pictures/info you need I'm willing to give.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.