(WTS)LvL 30 account East, Ranked stats 3win 5 loose lots of skins inside

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    Hello guys, ive got an nice lvl 30 account, ranked stats are normal and you can raise them quickly, let me show you what it includes. ill start with skins, Brace your selfs, its going to be a long list Darius : Fiddlesticks : Gangplank: Gangplank2: Garen: Malphite: Mordekaiser: Nocturne: Olaf: Rengar: Ryze 1: Ryze 2: Shaco: Sion: Trynda : Trynda 2: Udyr: Varus: Wukong 1: Wukong 2: Wukong 3: Warwick : Yorick: Zed: Phew,, well... that was awefull uploading all of it. now im going to show you my champions.. Marks : Seals: Glyphs: Quintecensses: Now the champions... First .. and the rest THE PRICE IS STARTING AT 50EUROS PAYSAFE, YOU CAN MAKE ME YOUR OFFER, THANKS... You can speak to us through: [email protected] and [email protected] or facebook : facebook/GiwrgakhC and facebook/fabo.marko?fref=ts Thanks.. if you wanna add us on facebook send an message saying you are from max cheaters so we know who we accept
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