WTS lv55 Elyos Ranger - Telemachus

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    Hey there! I'd like to sell my ranger on Telemachus server on Elyos side. I have another 4 lv 30+ chars... : sm, cleric, chanter, assassin on this account. Plus the lv 55 ranger as I wrote it in the topic's name. So this is how the ranger's equipment looks like: Equipment: - Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Longbow +3 - Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Jerkin +1 - Miragent’s Leather Pauldrons - Anuhart Ranger’s Leather Gloves - Anuhart Ranger’s Leather Shoes - Leather Leggings of the Destroyed Temple (is not shown on the screen as its a 2.0 drop and not yet updated the thingie on the aiononline site) - The char has like 47mil kinah atm. - Also has another bow in the inventory in case you want to combine the current bow. - Has some AP - ~30k - Alchemy on 399, Cooking on 449, Tailoring on 1xx - Gathering on 399, Aethertapping around 300+ - It will get the 6 months wings if you pay in the month. - The char is mainly on full atk build, the gear that it has are full of crit +17/atk+5 manastones. - around 10 golden medals in the warehouse, some mats, and has the gloves/boots of miragent also, in case you still wanna make the full mira set. The sin alt looks like this with the full flash set: Just give a shout here if you are interested, ask me any information you need to know about my char/account. I am NOT saying a price here, you offer me the price in PM or in a reply, and i'll sell it to the highest offer. ~Myst1337 SOLD!
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