WTS: Lv30 League of Legends Account, Rank: Silver II (NA)

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    I'm selling my Lv30 league of legends account on NA server. It's current rating is Silver II (Equivalent ELO: 1403). It has 82 champions and 12 skins (3 limited edition) It has 9 rune pages with full AP, AD, AD Jungle, AP Jungle, ADC, Top lane and Support runes (Pretty much full rune pages for any job ) It has 2776 RP and 465 IP on the account. (which I'm not gonna touch so it's all yours ) Here are the list of skins: Foxfire Ahri Unchained Alistar Mythic Cassiopeia Masquerade Evelynn (Limited) Frosted Ezreal Slay Belle Katarina (Limited) Festive Maokai (Limited) Sewn Chaos Orianna Augmented Singed Justicar Syndra Riot Girl Tristana Aristocrat Vayne Price around $200 but negotiable If you are interested or want to know more info, hit me up on : hikurashi83 I can also provide you with screenshot proof of whatever you may want to confirm. Thanks~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.