WTS: LV 60 Asmo Gladiator/Ranger geared on Perento EU

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    Selling my aion account with Gladiator(lv60) - Ranger(lv60) - Chanter(lv56) - Assassin(lv56) on Perento EU Asmodian The account have veteran 40/40 and 1700 hours of goldpack. Gladiator gear/items: - siels armor set full parry manastones - lv50 elite abyss set +10 full atk manastones - lv60 augment abyss +10 mixed hp/crit/acc manastones - primal spirit full set not socketed - 3 parts of tiamat protectorate armor set - full abyss lv60 accessory + helm - full kahrun pve accessory - bakarma +15 fused with 50 elite spear full acc manastones + silence gs - kahrun spear fused with 60 arena full crit manastones+ blind gs, not enchanted - vasharti dagger+sword (only +1) with dmg godstones (1% and 2% gold godstones), atk manastones - kahrun warhammer +1 with 1% gold dmg godstone, atk manastones - sharptooth lumen + pagati veyron mount - dragon lord wings - 315 mithril medals - 36 platinum medals - 12,2m abyss points - 923 kahrun symbols - 160k crucible insignias - 24k courage insignias - 45 glory arena tickets - 119 legion coins - 74 circle tokens - 33 protectorate coins - 5 arena ticket boxes - felicitous socketing (eternal) x2 - master armorsmith - estate in good location Ranger gear/items: - lv60 arena armor set +1 mixed hp/crit manastones - lv55 tac officer set full atk manastones - lv40 elite set - full tiamat protectorate armor set not socketed - necklace + earrings lv60 abyss / rest of accessory are lv55 abyss - tiamat protectorate longbow +10 fused with lv60 arena full crit manastones + stun godstone - sunayaka longbow +1 fused with lv60 arena full crit manastones + stun godstone - dragon lord wings - 104 mithril medals - 52 platinum medals - 185k abyss points - 39k crucible insignias - 2,7k courage insignias - 20 glory tickets - 5 arena ticket boxes - felicitous socketing (eternal) x1 - master weaponsmith - mansion in good location Chanter gear/items: - lv55 arena armor set, not enchanted, crap manastones - lv55 tac officer staff full crit fused with some pve weapon, not enchanted - 65 platinum medals - 160k ap - 57k crucible insignias - 3k courage insignias - master cooking and artisan alchemy Assassin's gear is not so good so i won't write it, the char have some crucible and courage insignias, x7 felicitous socketing (eternal) and some other crap. Account items/kinah and so on: - Manastones: atk+5 x201, crit+17 x89, hp+95 x95, mr+14 x150 - Enchantment stones: l110 x4, l106 x4, l100 x1, l99 x3, l98 x1, l96 x1, l94 x8, l93 x5, l92 x6, l91 x10, l90 x12, l89 x9 l88 x5, l86 x12, l85 x5, l84 x8, l83 x3, l82x5 - guestbloom fertilizer x2650 and guestpetals x1350 (total from all chars) - 1x blind godstone, 1x silence godstone, 1x gold speed reduce godstone tradeable - some gold dmg godstones and blue stun/slow/atk speed reduce godstones untradeable (from quests and playerup) - 3b kinah - lots of consumables and materials to make scrolls/pots (mats for around 34k scrolls) - loot pet and all bag pets All the chars have the most important morph designs and using all 4 chars can speed your morph process by a lot. Price im looking for is 750€, only serious people. For who is really interested i can provide screens too. Payment method: Paypal Verified only name: Dayvhu
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