WTS: Lv 30 with 20 rune pages, 120 skins (26 rare, 4 legendary, 3 semi-rare), silv1

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    Selling this account for $400. It has tons of skins and stuff so you can make a page and get higher in elo. I got to stop playing this game now since I am working full time and school. So I want to get some of my money back. I spent way more then what I am selling it for. If interested message me on at truththatisunheard or email at [email protected] Thanks and its a firm offer. 106 of 113 champions owned. 120 skins overall! 26 rare skins (limited skins that are not sold anymore [Seasonal skins or put in the "Vault"]) 4 Legendary 3 semi-rare (the remake champions that have the "traditional skins") Is ranked Silver II. 20 rune pages. Runes... Marks: +0.91 Armor x9 +1.3 Armor Pen x13 +0.95 Physical Dmg x9 +1.7% Atk Speed x10 -0.20% Cooldown x9 +0.93% Crit Chance x1 +0.90 Armor Pen +0.61 Magic Pen x1 +0.87 Magic Pen x10 +0.77 Magic Resist x9 Seals: +0.46 Ability Power x1 +1.4 Armor x9 +0.43 Physical Dmg x9 +0.76% Atk Speed x2 +0.63 Energy Regen x5 +0.25 Gold per 10 x9 +0.41 Mana Regen x9 +1.9 Ability Power at lv18 x9 +2.7 Armor at lv 18 x2 +1.2 Energy Regen at lv18 x4 +19 Health at lv18 x9 +21 Mana at lv18 x1 +1.2 Mana Regen at lv18 x18 Glyphs: +1.2 Ability Power x9 +0.64% Atk Speed x9 -0.83% Cooldown x6 +0.63 Magic Pen x2 +1.3 Magic Resist x9 +3.1 Ability Power at lv18 x9 -1.11% Cooldown at lv18 x9 +2.7 Magic Resist at lv18 x9 +26 Mana at lv18 x1 +0.99 Mana Regen at lv18 x9 Quintessences: +5.0 Ability Power x4 +2.6 Armor Pen x4 +2.3 Physical Dmg x3 +3.4% Atk Speed x3 +4.5% Crit Dmg x1 +1.0 Gold per 10 x3 +26 Health x3 +2.7 Health Regen x3 +20 Lifesteal Bonus x1 +-5.00% Time Dead x1 +2.0% Spellvamp Bonus x3 +1.5% Move Speed x3 (rare) Skins for: ahri: dynasty & foxfire akali: stinger, nurse, bloodmoon, silverfang alistar: unchained alistar amumu: pharoah (rare), emumu, little knight annie: goth (rare), frostfire, reverse, panda ashe: freljord, queen, amethyst blitz: boom boom brand: zombie (rare & legendary) caitlyn: safari, officer cassiopeia: jade fang cho'gath: jurassic corki: ufo (rare), dragonwing draven: soul reaver evelynn: shadow ezreal: nottingham (rare) fiddlesticks: darkcandy (rare) fiora: headmistress (rare) fizz: fisherman gangplank: toy soldier (rare), special forces garen: dreadknight, steel legion gragas: hillbilly graves: mafia heimderdinger: snowmerdinger (rare) irelia: nightblade, aviator janna: hextech, victorious (rare) jarvin: warring kingdom jax: nemesis karma: classic kassadin: harbinger katarina: sandstorm, slay belle (rare) kayle: judgement (rare), aether wing (legendary) kog'maw: sonoran (rare) leblanc: mistletoe (rare) lee sin: acolyte, dragon fist leona: valkyrie lulu: dragon trainer lux: spelltheif, commando, imperial, steel legion malphite: glacial malzahar: vizier maokai: feestive (rare), haunted (rare) master yi: assassin miss fortune: waterloo, road warrior, mafia nasus: galactic nautilus: astro nidalee: leopard (rare), maid, pharaoh nocturne: ravager nunu: sasquatch (rare), grungy olaf: pentakill orianna: sewn chaos riven; battle bunny, championship (rare) ryze: professor (rare) sejuianni: classic shaco: workshop shen: yellow jacket (rare), surgeon, blood moon, warlord shyvana: boneclaw, darkflame singed: surfer sivir: warrior princess, spectacular (rare) sona: muse, guqin, arcade soraka: divine talon: renegade, dragonblade taric: emerald (rare), armor of the fifth age teemo: recon, astronaut (legendary), cottontail, super tristana: riot girl, firefighter (legendary), buccaneer trundle: classic twisted fate: underworld (rare) varus: arclight vayne: dragonslayer veigar: bad santa (rare) vi: neon strike vladimir: vandal xin zhao: commando, warring kingdoms yorick: undertaker ziggs: snow day (rare) zilean: time machine zyra: wildfire
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