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    WTS Lifetime account with 2x 65 Characters The main character is a hunter which is fully raid ready with the following armour sets: Full Epic Helegrod Set Full Moria Set Full DN set Full BG set 2 pieces from OD (shoulders and boots) This character also has a 1st age legendary weapon which has all the required legacies and the required relics. If you're not happy with the relics on the weapon there are more than enough in the storage to change them about to your liking. Hunter also has a secondary weapon a 2nd age spear with all the necessary legacies and fully maxed. All virtues and traits have been maxed for the hunter so no grind needed and there is around 500g on the account for both characters. You will regularly receive 500 Turbine points for the lotro store every month and that's on top of the 1300 points already on the account. All stat tomes are maxed as well. The game includes all expansions including a pre-order of Isengard. Crafting wise the hunter is supreme master woodworker and max rep, the Minstrel is supreme master jeweller and has max rep. The Minstrel is very well geared and has plenty of symbols of celebrimbor to make new weapons. He also has 10g. This is a very well equipped account and you will have no need to buy anything for the hunter as he has all the best jewellery in the game at the moment including very rare items. There will be no need to pay for a subscription with this account having a lifetime subscription. I'm looking for offers starting from €400
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.