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    Hello All, Welcome and I hope I can gain your interest in my account that I would like someone else to enjoy. A little background. I have enjoyed this account since just after open beta. Used to spend countless hours in here but now I don't have time since the family is much more important! Ok, on to ingame the facts: ---------- Account: Lifetime - just under 5 years playing. You get VIP status which is 500 Turbine points a month so save up and buy the new expansion with Turbine Points. Currently have all expansions paid for thus far. It is just waiting on Rohan expansion to come out and for you to have fun playing! Turbine Points: 6040. Destiny Points: 34,000+ Server: Brandywine (American) Toons: 75 Woman Captain - Tinker Supreme Master - 5/6 Draigoch armour set, 50Gold, other older gear for cosmetics, runes and relics for weapon experience. Main Character, used to use her for pvp, raids and end game. 67 Female Elf Champion = Supreme Master Scholar, 11Gold - started leveling but no time ingame. Now just used for crafting. 65 Woman Lore Master - Explorer(supreme tailor) - hasn't been used in a while due to time, mostly for crafting cloaks. 800Silver a couple lower toons to reserve the name, as well. ---------- Haven't played seriously on this account since the Draigoch raid was in full rotation. If you have any questions please send pm's. I created an account here to sell my lotro account. Everything is legit. We can chat more if there is any interest. I am mainly looking to recoup the expense of the lifetime account and some turbine points, which I was to impatient to wait for. Will accept Paypal purchase only! PRICE: $250.00 USD
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