WTS: LOTRO Account 85 Champion, 75 Guardian/Champ, 65 Hunter, 45 Captain Dwarrodelf US

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    Im selling my LOTRO account simply because im not playing it that much anymore. The account is clean, never had any trouble/suspended and has ALOT of goodies on it. On Dwarrodelf server: 85 Champion - 3/5 Hytbold Set (several days away from getting it full), 8/8 Tier Weaponsmith, LOTS of vault goodies including 8 Lootboxes + Keys, 2nd Age Sword, lots of high end crafted gear + Full 7 Tomes Of Might used on him. 75 Guardian - Great for tanking, has almost full 75 blue gear, + 2nd age 75 weapon/belt for quick leveling up, several Tomes of Vit used on him, 8/8 Tiered Metalsmith. 45 Captain - Just about to get into moria, 7/8 Tier Jeweller, great lvling equipment. On Riddermark server: 75 Champion 65 Hunger - great equipment/stats, ready for endgame gearing. The account has all the expansion bought, 2500TP, 2.5 months left of VIP, 6000+ marks, 400+ medallions ready to use also. Im asking $150, PM me here or on - n1kthequick.
Thread Status:
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