WTS: LoL NA account all champs 54 skins 27 unavailable + over 400 IP boost winsMiddleman Seller Guide

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    I am selling my League of Legends Account. This account has been active since BETA(and I am the original owner) and has many rare no longer attainable skins. In addition to that is has over 400 games worth of IP win boosts. Has 19!!! Rune pages and almost every rune purchased possible. Has all the champs including Lissandra(just bought with the extra IP that remained) here is the list of the champ skins that the account has: Matador Alistar(No Longer Available) Pharaoh Amumu (No Longer Available) Goth Annie(No Longer Available) Vandal Brand Zombie Brand (No Longer Available Legendary Skin) Safari Caitlyn(No Longer Available) Jade Fang Cassiopeia Jurassic Cho'Gath UFO Corki (No Longer Available RARE BETA SKIN) Mr. Mundoverse (No Longer Available) Masquerade Evelynn(No Longer Available) Nottingham Ezreal(No Longer Availale) Fiddle Me Timbers Hextech Galio Special Forces Gangplank Desert Trooper Garen(No Longer Available) Rugged Garen Headless Hecarim(No Longer Available) Blast Zone Heimerdinger Piltover Customs Heimerdinger Commando Jarvan IV Jaximus Traditional Karma(No Longer Available) Statue of Karthus Harbinger Kassasin Judgment Kayle Swamp Master Kennen(No Longer Available) Sonoran Kog'Maw(No Longer Available) Shamrock Malphite(No Longer Available) Vizier Malzahar(No Longer Available) Pentakill Mordekaiser Riot K-9 Nasus(No Longer Available RARE SKIN) Void Nocturne Noxus Poppy(No Longer Available) Ninja Rammus Bilgerat Rumble Masked Shaco Frozen Shen(No Longer Available) Hextech Sion(No Longer Available) Lumberjack Sion Spectacular Sivir(No Longer Available) PAX Sivir(No Longer Available) Renegade Talon Emerald Taric(No Longer Available) Bader Teemo(No Longer Available) Viking Tryndamere Sultan Tryndamere Medieval Twitch ( Super Rare Skin) Bad Santa Veigar(No Longer Available) Leprechaun Veigar Count Vladimir Grey Warwick(Super Rare Skin) Feral Warwick(No Longer Available) Time Machine Zilean(No Longer Available) 54 skins 27 No Longer Available Leave below or PM looking for $275 OBO
Thread Status:
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