[WTS] LOL lvl 30 accounts x 2 [Rare Skins and High Elo]

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    Hello guys, i want to sell thats accounts because i don't use. Payment with paypal account (i'm a verified user) First Account: LvL: 30 Elo: 1508 Normal: 634 Ip: 4921 Rp: 932 Skins Owned: Akali - Nurse Alistar - Longhorn & Unchained Amumu - Almost-Prom King Anivia - Noxus Hunter Annie - Prom Queen Cho'Gath - Nightmare & Loch Ness Evelynn - Masquerade Fiddlesticks - Spectral Gangplank - Minuteman Gragas - Scuba Heimerdinger - Blast Zone Janna - Hextech Jax - PAX (Purchased via playerup.com) Karthus - Phantom Kayle - Silver & Judgement Kennen - Deadly Malphite - Marble Master Yi - Chosen Miss Fortune - Candy Cane Nidalee - French Maid Nunu - Sasquatch Ryze - Tribal Shen - Yellow Jacket Sion - Hextech Sivir - Warrior Princess Sona - Pentakill Taric - Armor of the Fifth Age Teemo - Badger Tristana - Riot Girl Tryndamere - Highland Veigar - White Mage Price: 100 eur (or good offer) --- Second Account: LvL: 30 Ip: 4888 Rp: 266 Elo: 1164 Normal: 255 Skins Owned: Annie In Wonderland (legendary) Demonblade Tryndamere (legendary) Bird of prey (Anivia) Boom Boom Blitzcrank Enchanted Galio Nightblade Irelia Grim Reaper Karthus Traditional Lee Sin Obsidian Maplhite Shadow prince Malzahar Assassin Master Yi Galactic Nasus Haunting Nocturne Royal Shaco SandScourge Skarner Veigar greybeard bigbad Warwick & Tundra Hunter Warwick Price: 50 eur (or good offer) --- Send me on pm and if u want some screenshot or whatelse we can talk on Skype Enjoy
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