WTS: LOL lv 30 account with 96 champions and 83 skins unlocked

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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    Looking to sell my LOL account as I am now playing WOW. Skins unlocked on the account- firefox ahri silverfang akali unchained alistar infernal alistar sad robot amumu hextech anivia reverse annie sherwood forest ashe woad ashe queen ashe boom boom blitzcrank resistance caitlyn battlecast prime cho'gath (legend) hot rod corki lord darius toxic dr mundo pulsefire ezreal (legend, theme, ultimate) bandito fiddlesticks nightraven fiora enchanted galio spooky gangplank dreadknight garen vandal gragas mafia graves headless hecarim frost queen janna darkforge jarvan IV angler jax full metal jayce sakura karma bilgewater katarina unmasked kayle arctic ops kennen mecha kha'zix monarch kog'maw deep sea kog'maw muay thai lee sin valkyrie leona wicked lulu sorceress lux totemic maokai headhunter master yi waterloo miss fortune blade mistress morgana riot K-9 nasus (special pax skin) abyssal nautilus demolisher nunu bladecraft orianna perseus pantheon blacksmith poppy bloodfury renekton headhunter rengar battle bunny riven dark crystal ryze workshop shaco surgeon shen warlord shen ironscale shyvana mad scientist singed warmonger sion pax sivir (special pax skin) sandscourge skarner guqin sona arcade sona dryad soraka tyrant swain emerald taric super teemo lil slugger trundle sultan tryndamere musketeer twisted fate gangster twitch battlecast urgot aristocrat vayne leprechaun veigar full machine viktor blood lord vladimir (legend) feral warwick jade dragon wukong scorched earth xerath imperial xin zhao groovy zilean wildfire zyra Looking to get $350 for the account. Paypal payments only. I am the original account owner. Only contact me if you have positive feedback. Any questions please send me a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.