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    a lvl 30 eu account. 1144 riot points 3993 influence points and 13 win bonus' left make your offers pm me. eu-lol account: champions: akali with skin alistar amumu anivia annie with exclusive goth annie skin- cant buy, beta exclusive. ashe caitlyn cho'gath evelyn ezreal fiddlesticks garen heimerdinger irelia janna jarvan jax karthus kassadin katarina kayle kennen kog'maw lux malphite malzahar master yi mordekaiser morgana nasus nidalee nunu olaf pantheon poppy rammus ryze shaco shen sivir sona swain teemo tristina- facebook exclusive skin twisted fate - skin twitch - skin urgot veiger vladimir warwick- skin zin zhao- skin zilean- skin rune: a full page with magic pen and ability power set up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.