[WTS] LoL EU Account // 52 Champions // 19 normal Skins (+ Brolaf) // 4 Rune page

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    Selling League of Legends EU Account: Level: 30 Wins: 673 Runes: Mark 9x 1.7 Armor pen 9x 0.95 Magic pen 9x 0.91 Armor 9x 1.7% Attack speed Seal: 9x 0.41 Mana rege/5 9x 1.4 Armor 9x 0.76% Attack speed Glyphs: 9x -0.96% Cooldown 9x 0.99 Ability Power 9x 0.64% Attack speed Quintessence: 3x +26 Health 3x +5 Ability Power 3x +3.3 Armor pen 3x 3.4% Attack speed Skins Brolaf (Legendary Skin) Crimson Akali Freljord Ashe Nightmare Cho'gath Frosted Ezrael Karate Kennen Vizier Malzahar Myrmidon Pantheon Perseus Pantheon Pharaoh Nasus Chrome Rammus Royal Shaco Highland Tryndamere Yellow Jacket Shen Big Bad Warwick Freljord ashe Northern Front Swain Black Belt Udyr RP: 153 IP: 1204 Contact: knoxtotalmail Send me offers via e-mail, Want to sell via PayPal!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.