[WTS] LoL Accout LvL 30 eu-w legendary skins,77 champs,over 40 skins,UFO Corki ,King Rammus

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    Selling League of Legends LvL 30 Account with : *****77 Heroes Heroes that are missing : -Ahri -Caytlin -Galio -Garen -Karma -Leona -Maokai -Mordekaiser -Rumble -Sejuani -Sona -Swain -Viktor -Volibear -Ziggs *****Skins: -Stinger Akali -Unchained Alistar -Sharewood Forest Ashe -Boom-Boom Blitzcrank -Apocalyptic Brand -Gentleman Cho'Gath -Hotrod Corki -UFO Corki -Frosted Ezreal -Hired Gun Graves -Night Blade Irelia -Statue of Karthus -Deep-One Kassadin -Judgement Kayle -Karate Kennen -Sonoran Kog'maw -Traditional Lee Sin -Assasin Master Yi -Secret Agent Miss Fortune -Void Nocturne -Haunting Nocturne -Brolaf -Glacial Olaf -Sewn Chaos Oriana -Persesus Pantheon -King Rammus -Galactic Renekton -Bloodfury Renekton -Redeemed Riven -Royal Shaco -Boneclaw Shyvana -Lumberjack Sion -Renegade Talon -Cottontail Teemo -Riotgirl Tristana -Lil'Slugger Trundle -Highland Tryndamere -Viking Tryndamere -Aristocrat Vayne -Leprechaun Veigar -Vandal Vladimir -General Wukong -Pentakill Yorick *****Runes: RED: X9 Mark of Alacrity Tier2 x9 Mark of Insight Tier3 x9 Mark of Deolation Tier3 x9 Mark of Strength Tier3 Yellow: x9 Seal of Alacrity Tier2 x9 Seal of Potency Tier3 x9 Seal of Resilience Tier3 Blue: x9 Glyph of Alacrity Tier2 x9 Glyph of Force Tier3 x9 Glyph of Warding Tier3 Quintesence: x2 Quintesence of Alacrity Tier2 x3 Quintesence of Fortitude 2x Tier2,1x Tier3 x3 Quintesence of Insight Tier2 x3 Quintesence of Resilience Tier2 X3 Quintesence of Speed 2x Tier 2.5,1x Tier 3 1X Quintesence of Alacrity Tier3 1x Quintesence of Celerity Tier3 3x Quintesence of Desolation Tier3 3x Quintesence of Potency Tier3 3x Quintesence of Strength Tier3 3x Quintesence of Warding Tier3 *****Rating (ELO) Arranged 3v3 None Played Arranged 5v5 None Played Solo/Duo 5v5 W:124 L:116 Elo : 1226 Waiting for SERIOUS offers. Account name : Deliverence Server : EU-W ---------- Post added 02-07-2012 at 04:59 AM ---------- the account also has 2 legendary skins Gentleman Cho'gath,Brolaf 2 beta rare skins : King Rammus and UFO Corki and 1 limited edition : Haunted Nocturne
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