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    WTS Lol account for USA, NA server. I got 162 wins on it and 3150 RP + 14.400 IP. I got bored of the game and I'm selling the account. This account comes with: LoL User Name LoL Password Email attached to LoL account Email User Email Pass Champions: Alistar Amumu Annie Cho'Gath Corki Evelynn Fiddlesticks Garen Janna Jax Kyle Malphite Morgana Nasus Olaf Pantheon Rammus Rumble Ryze Sivir Teemo Tristana Tryndamere Twisted Fate Veigar Warwick Xin Zhao Zilean Skins Annie - Goth Annie Cho' Gath - Nighmare Cho'Gath Corki - UFO Corki Garen - Sanguine Garen Olaf - Glacial Olaf Rammus - Freljord Rammus Tristana - Riot Girl Tristana Warwick - Tunda Hunter Warwick Xin Zhao - Imperial Xin Zhao Runes Full page of Critical Chance Runes Please e-mail me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.