[WTS] LOL Account with lots of skins / runes (4 runepage) / 64 champions!

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    Hi! currently RP: 827 currently ip: 3000 Champions owned: 64 Champions that i don't have: anivia, brand, caitlyn, corki, gallio, kog'maw, lee sin, leona, miss fortune, renekton, rumble taric, twitch, yorick, zilean Skins owned: 20 crimson akali, longhorn alistar, freljord ashe, boom boom blitzkrank, nightmare cho'gath, frosted ezrael, minuteman gangplank, karate kennen, vizier malzahar, pharaoh nasus, myrmidon & perseus pantheon, chrome rammus, royal shaco, yellow jacket shen, highland tryndamere, black belt udyr, leprechaun veigar, big bad warwick Runes: 4 RUNEPAGE Mark: 9x magic pen 9x armor pen 9x attack speed 9x armor Seal: 9x armor 9x attack speed 9x mana regen/5 Gylph: 9x ability power 9x cd red/lvl 9x magic resist/lvl 9x attack speed Quint: 3x 26 HP 3x armor pen 3x ability power 3x attack speed 3x 1 gold/10 Gimme offers! SEND PM!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.