[WTS] LoL account lvl 30 400 wins 3 legendary skins all but 3 champs

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    I am selling my League of legends account that includes the following: Level 30 Account I have the following skins: Austronaut Teemo BROLAF Firefighter Tristana Chosen Master Yi King Trynd Vandal Jax Minuteman Gangplank Lumberjack sion AND MORE!!! Runes: Full AD Marks Full Mp5 Seals Full AD Glyphs 3 Movement Speed Quints 3 AD Quints 3 AP Quints Masteries: You can reset these any time you like and you can make sets to choose easily in champion selection at no cost! I have 200 RP and 4300 IP as of now. -- Selling account -- Asking for $99 USD -- Paypal Only! -- These characters are time consuming to get and I have been playing since Summer of 2010 -- A new character about every 2-3 Weeks -- Still in season 1 soon to be season 2 (not exactly sure when) -- Game is still VERY active! Xfire - pwner9111 - pwner9111live Contact me for details!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.