[WTS] LOL Account lvl 30 1300+ elo

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    Has 9 pages for runes Tier 3: Armor per lvl(X9) Magic Resist per lvl(X9) Magic Pent flat(X9) Armor Pent flat(X9) Health regen per lvl(X9) Ability Power per lvl (X9) Movement Speed(X3) Mana Regen per lvl (X4) Champs: Soraka(Dryad Soraka) Mordekaiser(Pentakill Mordekaiser) Kayle(Judgement Kayle) Teemo(Cottontail Teemo) Kennen(Kennen M.D.) Sion(Hextech Sion) Sivir Tryndamere(DemonBlade Tryndamere) LeBlanc(Presitigious LeBlanc) Warwick(Firefang Warwick) Udyr(Primal Udyr) Shaco(Asylum Shaco) Annie(Red Riding Annie) Alistar Twitch(Vandal Twitch) Katarina Elo Solo que: 1350+(gonna play till sold so will be changing Solid KDA on most of them. Looking Price: $110 Takes it Hit me on aim
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.