[WTS] LoL account ll NA ll 1500 elo ll SKINS ll RUNES ll

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    Hey guys!! I have a 1500 elo level 30 account to sell!!! Just made it to 1500 Never been banned at all. Good standing. Get this account now and play ranked games ASAP!. Alot of champions 700 RP 700 IP RUNE PAGES Skins!!!! Lion dance kog'maw, Yellow jacket Shen, Highland Tryndamere, kingpin twitch, nottingham ezreal, big bad warwick, unchained alistar, urf rider, corki, sandscourge skarner, riot girl tristana, commando xin zhao NOTE: BOUGHT NEW HERO FIORA with RP SPENT THE IP YOU SEE IN THE SCREENSHOT ON RUNES. 9 Atkspeed reds, 9 flat ap blues and 9 mana regen blues. If interested please email me at tony_nguyen90 (at) with offers The payment method will be by paypal Thanks =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.