WTS: LoL account gold all champions 12 rune pages plus 74 skins

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    The title pretty much sums it, more information leave your there, the price is open for negotioation - - - Updated - - - Acolyte Lee Sin Amethyst Ashe Apocalyptic Brand Artic Warfare Caitlyn Asylum Shaco Bandit Sivir Baron Von Veigar Battle Bunny Riven Blade Mistress Morgana Blood Knight Hecarim Blood Lord Vladimir Brolaf Commando Galio Cottontail Teemo Crimson Elite Talon Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Dynasty Ahri Earthrune Skarner Explorer Ezreal Fisherman Fizz Frostblade Irelia Frozen Terror Nocturne Gatekeeper Galio Golden Alistair Gothic Orianna Groovy Zillean Headhunter Master Yi Heartseeker Vayne Hextech Anivia Imperial Lux Ironscale Shyvanna Jade Dragon Wukong Lion Dance Kogmaw Mad Scientist Ziggs Mafia Graves Mafia Miss Fortune Major Ziggs Monarch Kogmaw Nemesis Jax Northern Front Swain Outback Renekton Overlord Malzahar Prestigious Leblanc Queen Ashe Reaper Hecarim Redeemed Riven Reverse Annie Royal Guard Fiora Runeborn Xerath Sad Robot Amumu Sandstorm Katarina Sewn Chaos Orianna Siren Cassiopeia Statue of Karthus Tempest Janna Tribal Ryze Tundra Fizz Urfrider Corki Veigar Grey Beard Warlord Shen And some more legacy skins, like tf's legendary, maokai's christmas tree and other. Here's the list of skins, and it's incomplete
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.