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    Level 30 Champions : Fiddlesticks Miss Fortune Master Yi Ashe Dr Mundo Teemo Anivia Shaco (w/Skin) Gangplank Jarvan IV Garen Akali Tristana Tryndamere Katarina Annie Kog Maw Cho'Gath Kennen (w/Skin) Vayne Miss Fortune Blitzcrank Scarner Wukong Ryze Urgot Corki Karthus Sivir and some others i dont remember Very Few Runes Haven't played any ranked. Price is 25 euro via paypal ========================================= About the referral services. I can lvlup your referral accounts to lvl5. You have to w8 for as long as i tell you.This will defer depenting the referral accounts you want me to lvl up. Notice that i can offer cheap prices plus i am TRUSTED ! You can PM Me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.